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Project: African Rhino

Most of the world’s athletes are in training right now for London 2012, the biggest test of their careers, but spare a thought for some sporting white rhinos, limbering (or should that be lumbering?) up to put their own serious training into practice all in the name of scientific research.

We met up with two of the rhinos, Cynthia and her 30 month old son Zamba, at Colchester Zoo, along with keepers Jennie Cook and Jo Roe. Like the best coaches, Jennie and Jo have painstakingly trained their charges to walk to a lure, in return for a fruity treat. It’s enabled them to lead the rhinos over special pressure pads that record the distribution of forces on their feet. We’re impressed by how easily they persuade the animals to walk through a crush and over the pads.

‘The pressure pad has thousands of sensors, each telling us the pressure…

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