As mentioned in a previous post, it is time for Bowling for Rhinos.  I am compiling a list of dates of Bowling for Rhinos events across the country and links to where you can register.  If you have any information about an event happening near you and do not see it here, please leave a post with the information for the event and I will add it.  I will update the list as new dates are set.  For everything you could possibly want to know about Bowling for Rhinos, go to

Binder Park Zoo  7/27/12                     

Bronx Zoo  8/27/12

Clevelend Metropark Zoo  6/23/12

Detroit Zoo  6/30/12

Houston Zoo 6/22/12

Jacksonville Zoo  7/27/12

Ft Wayne Children’s Zoo  6/22/12

Miami Metro Zoo  7/27/12

Dickerson Park Zoo 8/25/12

Peoria Zoo  8/4/12

Phoenix Zoo 6/16/12

Riverbanks Zoo  7/21/12

Sacramento Zoo  6/23/12

Tulsa Zoo  7/22/12

Utah’s Hogle Zoo  6/22/12