This is a wonderful time of year! Not just becuase the pools are open, the weather is warmer, days are longer and school is getting out. No, it’s a wonderful time of year because your local AZA zoo will be holding their Bowling for Rhinos events.

Bowling for Rhinos is an annual fundraising event that raises funds for rhino conservation in the wild. The money goes directly to rhino reserves and national parks in India, Africa and Indonesia for rhino conservation. That can be for manning rhino patrol units for teams that protect rhinos from poachers to money for medicine and treatment of rhinos.

Your participation in Bowling for Rhinos is a fun way to get involved. Spend an afternoon bowling with your family or attend an evening event and bowl with friends and coworkers. You can buy raffle tickets and even win door prizes. Can’t make your local event? Send a donation or donate a product you sell for a door prize or raffle item. If you want to be more involved, become a sponsor and get signage put up at the event that tells people you and your company support not only your local zoo but conservation across the planet.

Stay tuned for specific dates of events in your city! In the mean time check the website of your zoo and see how you can participate.